Feature Values

Shows all available features offered by Anywhere365.


Adding a jukebox to the queue, hold or breaking to make the wait for the customers as pleasant as possible.

Automatic Answering

The Anywhere365 Inflight Snapper let the users choose whether they want a call automatically or not.

Queue Escape

The caller can be prompted to stay on the line or dial 1 to leave a voice mail.

Modern Service Bus Architecture

High scalable Dialogue Management platform, and scales from any to millions of dialogues if needed.

Multiple Languages Support

Anywhere365’s client software supports multiple languages.

Virtualize with Hyper-V & VMware

Anywhere365 runs on a virtual machine and the lowest footprint is one virtual server.

Customer/Partner made Components

Customers and Partners can develop their own plugins for Anywhere365.


The Web Chat is fully customizable to meet your organizational identity, complete with explanation.

Load Balancing

Anywhere365 servers can scale up (more power) and scale out (more load balanced of running servers).

Microsoft Azure Ready

You can scale up Anywhere365 by using Microsoft Azure Virtual machines and Azure Infrastructure (IaaS) services.

Office365 Support

Anywhere365 support the use of Office365 users as Agents.     

Support Windows 10

The Anywhere365’s clients are supported in Windows 10.

100% Software

The Anywhere365 platform is a software solution.