Compliance, or the ability to act according to regulations set by external organizations, nowadays is affecting all areas of business. Anywhere365 helps organizations to comply with the following regulations:

  1. PCI

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is developed by a consortium of credit card companies. Its aim is to secure credit card transactions by ongoing development, enhance-ment, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection. Anyone offering their customer to pay by credit card has to be PCI compliant..

  2. MiFID II

    EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive aims at making financial markets in the European Union (EU) more robust and transparent. It creates a new legal framework that better regulates trading activities on financial markets and enhances investor protection. The new rules, called ‘Mi-FID 2’, revise the legislation currently in place and will apply from January 2018.

  3. GDPR

    EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR aims to harmonize data protection laws across the EU when it comes into force in May 2018. Superseding national data protection laws it will apply to every organization in the world that does business with EU residents.

Our standard solution already enables compliance with all of these regulations, and due to adaptability of our software and our agile development process we are able to quickly incorporate additional requirements when needed. This article describes our standard solutions.

How does Anywhere365 help organizations to comply to these regulations? Please check the following summary or download the whole article.

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Pause recordings of conversations while PCI information is exchanged

  • Manually (button in extension window)

  • Automatic after a transfer (for instance when making a transfer to an external payment service)

  • Automatic when opening a payment system

Shield recording of dial tones while entering credit card information.


End to end recording conversations of all modalities that are handled by the Anywhere365 platform. In addition to recording, specific time-stamps, user-actions, routing, transfers, etc. are stored as well.

Provides pre-announcements that conversations are being recorded for quality, training, security & compliancy reasons.

Follows data retention policies set by your organization, the storage location can also be adjusted to abide by specific security/compliance regimes.

Provides easy search, retrieval and replay of all recorded conversations, including full “customer journeys” throughout the organization.


Provides pre-announcements that conversations are being recorded for quality, training, security & compliancy reasons.

Allows recordings to be shared with the data subject on request.

Allows Agents to delete call recordings on request or automatically deletes recordings after a predefined time.

IVR functionality that asks for and logs caller’s consent for recordings.

Option to anonymize call data.

Industry proven security mechanisms based 100% on Microsoft solutions.